Tuesday, April 1, 2014


01. My boys.  
02. Cherry blossoms and my new main squeeze.
03. Can't ever get over bright doors.
04. Or Cosmo's legs. 
05. Pizza di Loretta

Hello! A few photos from what I've been getting up to lately... pretty Cosmo-centric, but such is my life these days (and really, who doesn't like looking at photos of a cute puppy?). We had a bit of a scare last week when our boy came down with a horrible stomach virus and had to spend a day at the vet with an IV drip. He lost a bit of weight but is otherwise back in good shape and life with him is sweet again!

We've been going on lots of long walks lately, trying to introduce Cosmo to the sounds of the world, new people, and other dogs. It's made us a lot better about planning our weekend outings ahead of time and instilled a new desire to discover the best our neighbourhood has to offer. One of my new favorite places to eat is Pizza di Loretta in Pigalle (62 Rue Rodier, 75009). They have a great selection of pizzas (which you order by weight), with several vegetarian options, and the staff is always friendly.

Spring is here- the sun is out, the flowers are in bloom, and I'm happyhappyhappy. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Elizabeth Suzann S/S14

It seems like I keep saying to myself: Kelli, get it together! In spite of having about a dozen post ideas floating around in my head and a hundred DIYs I'd like to try, this space has been severely neglected lately and time management is decidedly not my strong suit! I went to Maryland for a spell in February/March and just days before that we brought home Cosmo, who has taken over my non-work life (as he should) and is sleeping in my lap as I type this.

Elizabeth Suzann's new S/S14 lookbook has been making the rounds lately and I couldn't resist sharing a few of my favorite images. Elizabeth's pieces are produced in simple, versatile cuts from high quality, natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen. As I try to pair down my own wardrobe into a collection of easy pieces that will serve me for more than a single season, this collection really appeals to me. I particularly love the Georgia dress and Ryan pant.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

An introduction

Guys! We have a pup! Meet our Italian Greyhound, Cosmo. At 15-weeks old, he likes to cuddle, chew on things, and crawl under the bed. He hates when the wind blows and wearing his collar. He's our little pharaoh and we love him so, so much.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DIY: mineral magnets

I probably saw the idea for mineral magnets on Pinterest. I've had it in mind to make some for months, but didn't have the required materials until last weekend when I finally gave in and bought a glue gun. They're so simple they don't really require much of a tutorial, but I can offer a few tips: choose stones that are somewhat light and have one flat(ish) side, and make sure you've got something to protect your table from any random goopy-glue bits. After that, enjoy! Here are a few photos from the process: 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Getting ready

Lately I've been daydreaming a lot about spring/summer (who hasn't?). Mostly of the things I'd like to do (learn to skateboard, drink beers along the canal, write letters in the courtyard of Café Suédois), but also some things I'd like to wear. This T by Alexander Wang dress is perfect and the kind of item I can imagine wearing all of the time (which is how one justifies spending160€ on jersey cotton, I guess...). The Chakra perfume (rose with notes of tobacco, leather, musk, and wood) is maybe better as a winter fragrance, but I would probably wear it all year long. Simple earrings, a good hairbrush, and delicate lace lingerie are everyday staples.

Monday, February 3, 2014

PARIS - Les Tuileries

A few weeks back we had an unusually warm day in Paris so we spent the afternoon in Les Tuileries. We watched an old man feed birds, soaked up some sunshine, and then walked to the Carrousel du Louvre in search of hot chocolate. On our way to the mineral store, we stumbled upon Japanese paper shop Delfonics, a brand I'd heard of but never gotten the chance to visit.

I can easily say this is my favorite paper shop in Paris/anywhere ever. The quarters are a little tight and packed to the gill with paper items, but it's well worth the hassle. Inside, you'll find everything from small clutches and leather goods to daily journals, tiny desk bits, and letter sets. The products are such high quality, available in a wide selection of colors, and overall just really gorgeous.

Now I'm ready to write some letters!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sessùn Spring/Summer 2014

Sessùn is one of my favorite French brands. They always do such a nice mix of flirty, feminine dresses and blouses paired with oversized jackets and textured knits- really gorgeous. The brand released their Spring/Summer 2014 Catalogue last week and, as usual, it's perfect! Currently considering this cheeky purchase...