Monday, December 9, 2013

PARIS - Atelier Nota

The daylight hours are really short lately, making it nearly impossible to get any good photos for the blog from inside of my apartment. I have tons of little bits and bobs to share, but it seems like every time I start getting things set up it gets dark again. I've really been questioning what direction to take this little space in... I want to make it better. As I've been doing a lot of writing about Paris for one of my freelance projects lately, I thought it might be nice to share my favorite places in the city here as well. 

When I first moved to France I started keeping correspondence with some old and new friends. My letter exchanges have slowed down since moving to Paris but I do like to keep in touch when I can with a select few. I really love paper products and sending things in the mail that people are happy to receive. Doing so has gotten a whole lot easier since a new paper shop, Atelier Nota, opened up across the street from my apartment. 

A bright selection of Baker backpacks line the walls and vintage desks house a selection of loose paper and envelopes, Moleskine's, notebooks by Papier Tigre, and pens. Naturally, a selection of carefully chosen Japanese paper goods caught my eye- there are tiny paper notepads and animal shaped paper clips, mt tape, and pocket notebooks. 

Atelier Nota is located at 12 Rue Ramey, 18eme 
Tues-Sat 10-7:30 , Sun 12-7

Metro: Chateau Rouge, Anvers, Lamarck-Caulaincourt


  1. looks like my kind of shop :D

  2. It has been lots of gray here too - so shooting has been tough with the clouds.

    I love Paris- such a special place. I always think Paris has all these special little nooks and shops.

  3. i have been getting into paper products recently too! i'm not sure if it's the run-up to christmas and i'm on the lookout for nice cards and giftwrap etc, but a company i have come across recently and love is called rifle paper co, but as it's based in america it's a bit tricky getting hold of their products. that shop looks great, it's so lucky that it opened just across the street x

  4. I love stationery! I just purchased a journal with cute little macarons and lollipops on it. I had to get it from Australia. I also like cute pens. Your blog is so cute! I love your topics!

  5. ooooh, I've been a fan of Rifle for such a long time- it's been awesome to watch their company grow! Apparently all of my readers are paper lovers so I may have to do a little roundup!!

  6. guess you'll have to come see it! ;)
    by the way YES- i did get your letter! thank you and i will write back soon!

  7. such a cute shop, who doesn't love stationery! moleskines have to be my favourites though.

    little henry lee