Sunday, January 12, 2014

Crushin': Hama Beads

Remember Hama/Perler beads? I had forgotten about them until last year when Adrien's niece sent us a Hama heart. It reminded me of how much I loved to play with them as a child, making rainbow colored shapes and my favorite cartoon characters. I think most people consider them a children's toy, but these beads were actually developed in the 60's in Sweden to be used in elderly homes!

I've since come across a lot of cool Hama bead projects that are slightly more sophisticated/suitable for adults. Depending on the colors and patterns, they can really range from quite sweet and kitschy to modern and cool. What do you think?


  1. I remember doing these as a child.

  2. One of my friends offered me in Christmas a Fox magnet made of Hama beads <3 lovely!

  3. That is so cool! I remember doing these at summer camp and making little animals. These designs are so interesting and modern; love it!